Please congratulate our LRCH Art Club students for their performance at the 2024 Arkansas Young Artists Association Competition in Hot Springs last Thursday. Central earned the most awards of any school in the state securing its spot as the top art program in Arkansas for the 18th consecutive year. This group brought home 56 state awards, including 19 1st place awards, tying the all-time record set previous by Central 2 other times. Top winners this year were Sasha Bogan, Erin Elder, Shiney You, Julia Perez, Sophie Gray, and Matt Anderson all of which won 3 awards. On top of awards in the competition 3 of our students won scholarships: Isaac Bristow was awarded a $1500 scholarship from Kansas City Art Institute, and Olivia Hart and Avery Nicholas each won $500 AYAA Scholarships.

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1st Place Winners:

Manuel Schick-Alba- Acrylic Realistic,

Manuel Schick-Alba- Oil Pastel Realistic,

Sasha Bogan- Charcoal Realistic,

Sasha Bogan- Chalk Pastel Realistic,

Olivia Hart- Printmaking Realistic,

Olivia Hart- On-Site Marker/Pen/Gelpen,

Sophie Gray- Oils Expressive,

Ruthika Matapathi- Tempera Abstract,

Shiney You- Watercolor Expressive,

Norah Vinson- Mixed Media Abstract,

Sarah Blackwell- Portraits Abstract,

Leah McCann- Portraits Expressive,

Matt Anderson- Pencil/Graphite Realistic,

Avery Nicholas- Colored Pencil Realistic,

Aspen Enkhmandakh- Colored Pencil Expressive,

Evelyn Barrera Barona- Chalk Pastel Abstract,

Erin Elder- Chalk Pastel Expressive,

Sarea Pitts- Oil Pastel Expressive,

Carleigh Hill- On-Site All Dry Color Media.

2nd Place Winners:

Erin Elder- Oils Expressive,

Erin Elder- Fiber Arts Expressive,

Olivia Hart- Watercolor Expressive,

Sasha Bogan- Chalk Pastel Expressive,

Leah McCann- Oil Pastel Expressive,

Sherry Liu- First Year All Dry Color Media,

Isabella Ross- On-Site Charcoal/Conte,

Nico Reed- On-Site Sculpture.

3rd Place Winners:

Shiney You- Acrylic Realistic,

Julia Perez- Tempera Realistic,

Amber Bae- Mixed Media 2D Realistic,

Nico Reed- Sculpture Realistic,

Ivy Nagel- Colored Pencil Realistic,

Norah Vinson- Chalk Pastel Realistic,

Abigail Swindler- Chalk Pastel Abstract,

Nova Anderson- Chalk Pastel Expressive,

Sarea Pitts- Oil Pastel Realistic, 

4th Place Winners:

Isaac Bristow- Portraits Realistic,

Isaac Bristow- Crafts,

Matt Anderson- Pencil/Graphite Expressive,

Matt Anderson- On-Site Sculpture,

Shiney You- Acrylic Expressive,

Abigail Bacot- Tempera Realistic,

Rory McCuien- Watercolor Expressive,

Conner Mccallum- Cut Paper Collage,

Mikah Foreman- Portraits Expressive,

Nova Anderson- Chalk Pastel Realistic,

Eliza Semans- Chalk Pastel Abstract,

Avery Nicholas- Chalk Pastel Expressive.

Honorable Mentions:

Sophie Gray- Oils Realistic,

Sophie Gray- Chalk Pastel Expressive,

Julia Perez- Tempera Abstract,

Julia Perez- Watercolor Expressive,

Adel Taggert- Colored Pencil Abstract,

Laine Farrar- Charcoal Abstract,

Luka Hunter- Oil Pastel Expressive,

Abigail Bacot- Crafts