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Ordering a College Transcript in Naviance

All college transcripts are to be ordered through Naviance. By doing so there will be a record of your request on your Naviance “colleges I’m applying to” page and you’ll be able to see when they’ve been sent. Here are the steps to follow to order your transcript:

Click the Naviance icon on your classlink page (same page as your Schoology app icon)

If this is your first time to Naviance you’ll be asked to install a browser plug in, do that, return to the classlink page, click on Naviance again. Username and Password is your ID number.

Once there, click on “colleges I’m applying to” and do one of the following


If the school for which you want a transcript sent to is already on your list

  1. Click “request transcript”

  2. Click “initial’ on the next page

  3. Click “request and finish” at the bottom of the page

  4. You’ve ordered your transcript


If the school to which you want a transcript sent is not on your list

  1. Click the red button with the white cross to add schools to which you are applying

  2. Once you’ve selected a school, fill out the information below it

  3. The “I’ll submit my application” box on that page is very important if it’s a Common App school.  In that box: 


  • If applying through the CA you’ll select “via Common App” and I’ll submit your transcript when I submit your Common App Materials 

  • If not applying to a CA school through the CA select “Direct to the institution” and your transcript will be sent soon by the registrar. (Most schools will only have the option “Direct to the institution.)

4.  Click “Add and Request Transcript” at the bottom of the page

5.  Click “Initial” on the next page

6.  Then click “Request and Finish”

7.  You have now requested your transcript.

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