Spotlight on Tigers


Ms. Rigsby

Nominated by Nilay Patel and Affan Smani.  Mrs. Rigsby is a great teacher.  She is enthusiastic about essays and makes a good impression.  She is so excited about lectures and motivates the class.

Ms. Hammons

Nominated by Aysia Rossell.  She is really sweet.  She is always loving and willing to help.  She calls all her students scholars.

Kennedy Washington, 11th

Ms. Fellinger nominated Kennedey. She says Kennedey always comes to class ready to work and with a big smile on her face.  Her smile lights up the room, and her energy is contagious. Her teacher says that Kennedey  takes the time on her way to class to stop in and say hello to me!  Central would be an even better place if all students could display this enthusiasm.


Away from school Kennedey likes to  study for up-coming tests or exams and likes to watch good TV shows on Netflix. She says  her favorite subject is science because it helps the brain grow by finding new knowledge. She says  science also feeds her curiosity about how the world works.   What she likes about being a Central Tiger is everything the school has to offer. Her future goal is to become a Pediatric Surgeon.  

Luca Haymon, 10th

Ms. Milligan nominated Luca. She says  Luca is a great kid who never fails to be excited, regardless of the activity or concepts being learned. He is always interested in the topics we discuss, asking questions and retaining information shared.

Away from school Luca likes to play basketball, watch Netflix, cook, hang out with friends and be on his phone. His favorite subjects are math and economics because he is good with numbers. What he likes most about being a Central Tiger is that the school is historic and has many different races and ethnicities.  His future goals are to be succesful in life, have a family, build his own home, have at least one exotic car and to give back to people. 

Jordan Gilbert, 9th

Ms. Milligan nominated Jordan. She says that Jordan is a great kid who is very enthusiastic about understanding the world in which we live in. He continuously demonstrates his excitement and interest in his studies, asking questions and participating whole heartedly in class. she says that she is confident this enthusiasm will take him far.  


Away from school Jordan likes to play basketball. Jordan's favorite subject is economics because he likes Ms. Milligan's style of teaching. What he likes  about being a Central Tiger are all of the opportunities and extra-curricular activites. His future goal is  to become a teacher or a lawyer. 

Madison Heart, 9th

Ms.Ware nominate Madison.   She says that Madison  definitely exhibits enthusiasm for learning. She is already very eager about furthering her education past high school, and she is very impressed by her initiative to prepare for college so early on, as well as her active participation, not only in her class, but also in other organizations at Central.


Away from school Madison likes to play volleyball and hang out with friends. Her favorite subject is english because her teacher doesn’t limit her creativity. She says that her  teacher allows the students to have very intellectual conversations. What she likes most about being a Central Tiger is the diversity and getting  to hear many different perspectives. Her future goals are to go to Howard University and become a criminal justice lawyer or nerousurgeon. 

Khushi Modi, 10th

Ms. Conrad nominated Khushi .She says that Khushi  shows great enthusiasm when giving her presentations in AP Seminar. Khushi enjoys learning and loves sharing her ideas with her peers. She is a great example of a student who shows enthusiasm.

Away from school Khushi likes to volunteer and is active in her temple's youth group. Her favorite subject is Spanish because of the friendly enviroment and how the students get along and work well with each other.What she likes most about being a Central Tiger is the diversity and pride that all of the students and staff have for the school. Her future goals are to go to college in Chicago and to become a pediatrician. 

Alexandria O'Neill, 12th

Mr. Pryor nominated Alexandria. He says that Alex is always bright and energetic when she comes to class, and more than happy to be involved and engaged in discussions.  Also, she is always smiling, except maybe during tests!


Away from school, Alexandria likes to volunteer with her friends and help kids through organizations such as Make a Wish Foundation. Her favorite subjects are psychology and stagecraft because she loves learning about how the mind works in a fun enviroment. She also loves the hands -on work involving theatre. What she likes about being a Central Tiger are the friends that she's made and being taught by some of the coolest teachers  in the world. Her future goal is to be a social worker so that she can help children grow up in safe and nurturing enviroments. 

Peter Jewel Deano, 12th

Ms. Jones- Taylor nominated Peter. She says that he's always up for whatever activity she throws at him in both Creative Writing and International Studies English, and he always has a smile on his face. I look forward to seeing Peter every day. 


Away from school Peter  likes going on Wikipedia and learning about random information. His favorite subject is art. He says that art allows him to express himself and that he loves being in Mr. Deloney's class. What he likes most about being a Tiger is how big the school is and the wide array of courses students can take. His future goals are to become a professional artist or an Art Therapist . He would also like to visit every country in the world. 

Edonis Thompson, 11th

Ms. Smith nominated Edonis. She says it doesn't matter the day, the time or the hour Edonis ALWAYS has a smile. He is extremely enthusiastic about learning and about life. No matter the circumstance, Edonis finds a way to see the positive in the outcome. 


Away from school Edonis likes to hang out with his friends and shop. His favorite subject is math because it pushes him to use his brain more than any other subject. What he likes most about being a Central Tiger is the diverse enviroment. His future goals are to go to college and then medical school just like his mother and to also invest in real estate. 

Shanyia Washington, 9th

Ms. Bailey nominated Shanyia. She says that Shaniya  comes to class everyday ready to work hard and learn about Algebra 1.  Her enthusiasm for learning is inspiring. 


Away from school Shanyia likes to go to Girl Scouts events with her troop and spend time with family. Her favorite subject is Algebra.  What she likes most about being a Central Tiger are the various clubs and activities that are  offered.  Her future goals are to complete high school, go to college and to get a  Culinary Arts degree so that she can become a chef. 

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