Spotlight on Tigers


Ms. Rigsby

Nominated by Rose.  She is caring, loving, and the absolute best!

Ms. Farid

Nominated by Tremayne Johnson.  The most generous individual at Central.  She is very kind and sweet.  She is also open to her students.  She also cares about all of her students and makes sure we learn.

Ms. Hammons

Nominated by Alayah Hawthorne. She is very understanding, funny, and has great teaching skills.

Mr. Richardson

Nominated by Christian Mayo.  He was kind to me and when he introduced himself to me, he showed alot of school spirit and gave me a big enthusiastic welcome to Central High School.  He was kind because he said to me "if you ever need help on anything, just don't be afraid to stop by.

Ms. White

Nominated by Donnice McDowell.  Great and loving person to talk to. A great person.

Mr. Piper

Nominated by Tahirah Davis.  Mr. Piper was the history teach I've ever had.  Mr. Piper is my guy!  He is the goat.

Ms. McCuein

Nominated by Ms. Farid. The most generous individuals at Central.  They have checked in on me to ensure I have all things in order to make my students successful. They are the BOMB!

Mr. Gray

Nominated by Alayah Hawthorne.  Mr. Gray is my favorite teacher ever omg. I just love Mr. Gray.  He makes learning fun.

Ms. Barnes

Nominated by Jordan Holt.  She accepts differences.  She shows and tells her class that they could do it. She comes to class with a loving and caring attitude.

Ms. Howe

Nominated by Ms. Farid.  The most generous individuals at Central.  They have checked in on me to ensure I have all things in order to make my students successful.  They are the BOMB!

Coach Laster

Nominated by Donnice McDowell.  He has a funny and fun personality.  When it is time to work, he makes us work.  He is the best football coach in the world!


Egypt Rasberry 9th

Ms. Rainey nominated Egypt. She says that Egypt is always willing to lend a helping hand to other students. Away from school Egypt likes to draw. Her favorite subject is art. What she likes most about being a  Central Tiger is the chance to grow and do her best work, especially in art. Her future goals are to graduate and to get into a good college. 

Christian Kasten 10th

Ms. Parker nominated Christian. She says that Christian has a true giving spirit. He happily and generously provides assistance to students who need help.Away from school Christian likes to run, play the piano and play  sports. His favorite subject is math because it requires logic- based thinking. What he likes most about being a Central Tiger are the opportunities. His future goals are to become a litigation attorney and later a politician. 

Tony Carter 10th

Ms. Farid nominated Tony. She says that Tony is a generous and helpful student.  He is always willing to put himself to the side in order to assist someone.  Anyone!  Not only is Tony a very bright kiddo, he also take his education very serious.   Away from school Tony likes to hangout with friends, watch TV and learn about new things. His favorite subject is theatre because he likes to act. What he likes most about being a Tiger is the school's history  and the people.Tony's  future goals are to graduate from high school, go to college and become a game designer. 

Vanessa Washington 12th

Mr. Williams nominated Vanessa. Outside of school, Vanessa enjoys reading, writing & watching YouTubeHer favorite subject is English and Creative Writing. She says those classes challenge her to broaden her ways of thinking and guides her into becoming more skilled intellectually.What she likes most about being a Central Tiger is the opportunity for everyone to stay involved and that the curriculum pushes you in preperation for the future. Her future goals are to major in Biology-Pre- Med and attend medical school so that she can one day become a Pediatric Endocrinologist.

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