Tiger Academic Support Center (TASC)

Tasc Registration Form

The TASC program (Tiger Academic Support Center / make-up testing center) will begin Wednesday, September 6th.  Please see the attached flier for information regarding buses.


Mission: TASC is designed to help Central High students to achieve academic success in all of the content areas.  Certified teachers are on hand in each of the core areas, as well as foreign language to help students who are falling behind, in need of extra help or who just need a quiet place to do their schoolwork.  TASC runs Monday through Thursday from 4-5:30 on the 4th floor. This is a free program for all current Central students.  Students who need transportation should fill out the contract below (complete with a parent signature) and return to Jennifer Lusk in room 236. Completed applications may also be placed in Ms. Lusk’s box in the front office.


Transportation Contract


Students who wish to ride the bus after TASC MUST agree to the following: 

  1. Attend TASC two days a week.  (Students who do not attend the required two days a week for two weeks in a row will be dropped from the bus list and will have to reapply to ride.)

  2. Students may be dropped from the bus list if they are not attending tutoring or if they have a behavior infraction while they are attending TASC.

  3. TASC is closed one Tuesday a month for faculty meetings.  Announcements are made in the morning and afternoon to assure that students are aware that TASC is closed.

  4. No NEW students will be added to the bus list after the third nine weeks.

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