Exciting News! 29 Central High Choir students auditioned for the All State on Friday and 16
were chosen for the Arkansas All State Choirs 10 of the 29 that auditioned received perfect
scores in sight-reading and 20 of the 29 scored at least a 21 out of 26. All 29 from Central
High worked hard to prepare and should be commended for their efforts. The Arkansas All
State Clinics and Concerts are in Hot Springs Feb 15th-17th.

Adyson Shelton
Alex Smith
Audrey Hayes
Betsy Curtis
Gabby Finley
Kamilla Parker
Keegan Washington
Kelsi Clay
Kylie Colter
Lexington Hynes
Lindsay Collins
Lois Hookstra
Lucy Byrd
Ruby Reeves
Shreya Sudhakar
Vienna Lewis
Alternates: Jadon Sanders and Kamaya Terry