Dear Tiger Family:

I am honored to begin my 22nd year as principal of historic Little Rock Central High School. This letter will help you to prepare your child for the new school year that begins in a few short weeks. Communication is essential to my approach to education. I value your input and want you as a partner in making Central High School work for our children. In this regard, here are a few matters that I need to bring to your attention:

Registration - Thursday, August 3rd (10 am - 7 pm) and Friday, August 4th
(10am ~ 7pm):

  • Student plan/agenda books have been re-ordered for each student's use. 1 They will be available for distribution during registration at NO cost. Important school information, rules and regulations are included. The last two pages of the agenda book contain hall pass logs. These pages will be the only passes available to students during the school day.
  • Office Depot gives our school 5% of all the school supplies that you purchase and designate for LRCH. We appreciate your support, as this allows us to get extra supplies during the year. Tell the checker that your child attends LRCH. Our school # is 70002951, if you want to write it down.
  • Just so you know, tax-free weekend is Saturday and Sunday August 5th and 6th and covers clothing, electronic devices and school supplies - no food!
  • There are required LRSD forms for health and lunch that every family has to complete. Chrome Books will be distributed to 9th graders and new students AFTER parents fill out the required LRSD form. Insurance is available for loss or damage. 
  • We will have tee shirts and other school memorabilia for sale at registration. Fridays are spirit days —- a Central tee-shirt is a necessity! We have a LRCH Cookbook for sale for $20. Information about the purchase of yearbooks, our school newspaper and our literary magazine will be available at the journalism table. Bring your checkbook or cash! No cards.
  • All JUNIORS and SENIORS must register their cars if they plan to drive to school and park in our secure lots. Parking is on a first come, first served basis. COST FOR REGISTERING CARS DURING OUR REGISTRATION IS $20. Freshmen and sophomores may NOT register or park in our designated lots at this time due to limited parking space. Most seniors park across from the library with the teachers. The remaining seniors and juniors park in the new lot accessed from Daisy Bates. You must register again this year even if you registered your car last year. Last year’s tag will not gain you entry to the lots. You will receive a special tag that is color-coded according to your grade. This can be done at registration. As all of our lots are monitored by cameras, we want students to park on school property.

Assistant Principal Assignments:
Grade 9 Dr. Roderrick Martin A-J 447-1451
Grade 9 Mr. Jerry Whitmore K-Z 447-1412
Grade 10 Ms. April Jones A-James 447-1425
Grade 10 Mr. Donald Richardson Jar-Smith, J 447-1409
Grade 10 Mr. Earnest McGee Smith, M-Z 447-1596
Grade 11 Ms. Dr. Frankie James A-Z 447-1610
Grade 12 Ms. Brenda Bankston A-Z 447-1451
Principal Ms. Nancy Rousseau 9-12! 447-1402

Guidance Counselor Assignments:
Ms. Michelle Williams A - Carr 447-1404
Ms. Stephanie Alhajjaj Cars - F 447-1414
Ms. Erica Moore G-I 447-1416
Ms. Deidra Brown J - Mats 447-1601
Ms. Wanda Keith Matt - Q 447-1586
Ms. Gynesis Baird R - Tal 447-1597
Mr. Kim Williams Tam -Z 447-1608
Ms. Kim Brasfield College/Career Coach 447-1461

For 9" Graders ONLY:

  • THE FRESHMEN ACADEMY IS ALIVE AND WELL AT LRCH............. Kim Burleson is the Academy facilitator. She and I will bring you up-to-date on the Academy guidelines at Freshmen Orientation, which is Thursday, August 10th from 3:30 - 5:30 PM. All 9th graders will meet teachers, counselors, and administrators. They will receive their schedules and have the opportunity to visit their classrooms. Central will be open from 10-4 PM on both Saturday and Sunday, August 12th and 13th as well. Students are welcome to come to the school to walk around and find their classrooms. School supply needs besides pen/pencil and paper will be shared with freshmen when school opens. Different teachers have different expectations.
  • Tiger Academy will be held July 24th — 27th (9 am - noon). Tiger Academy is a 4-day workshop offered to incoming Freshmen and new to Central students. They will be assigned mentors, given a tour of the building, and receive skills to help with the transition from middle school to high school and/or assistance as new students. Registration for Tiger Academy is on our website at right under the “Summer Reading” information. Freshmen do not have any assigned reading.

10th — 12 Graders:

  • You may pick up your temporary schedule on Friday, August 11th from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm outside the auditorium. Official schedules will be distributed in your A1 classes on the first day of school, Tuesday, August 14th. If you don’t come to school to get your schedule, come to the auditorium when you get to school on August 14th. We will direct you to your first period class, where you will receive your full schedule.
  • For seniors only - Your senior breakfast has been scheduled for the first day of school August 14th, 2023, beginning at 7:00 am in our school cafeteria. The cost of the breakfast is $10.00 per person. Tickets will be sold at registration (08/03 and 8/04) and on the Friday before school (8/11) when schedules are distributed. Senior tee shirts will be ordered online - Information will be shared when you return to school.
  • Senior Pictures: Senior portraits will begin July 27th. Appointments should have already been assigned by mail. If not, contact Lifetouch at 501-664-5550. 

Celebrating Excellence with Tiger Tales and Brags

  • Once again, we want to know and brag about our students’ accomplishments. Please contact my assistant/secretary, Natasha Holloway (447-1432), or send me an email ( with any noteworthy information about your child.
  • Students’ successes will be shared in the daily announcements as well as in other school/community media. 
  • Parents should sign up for my Parent Link messages and the PTSA eBlasts. Please go to our school's website at Go down to the middle of the page and sign up to receive our school’s very important messages. This is a must!

School Safety Rules and Expectations:

  • We plan to continue to have high expectations for all students and staff in regard to safety and security. All students must have a clear backpack, not a mesh backpack or a solid backpack. Last year we provided students with a plastic backpack because we switched midyear. They were not sturdy! My suggestion is that you purchase a heavy duty model. The ones that we purchased to replace the flimsy ones were great! I don’t know what they have locally, but I do know that Amazon has heavy duty models that do not rip. The Vorspack Clear Backpack Heavy Duty PVC Transparent Backpack 17" is currently on Amazon for $21.99. This model seemed to work well for all students with no reports of breakage.
  • All students will continue to be given an ID Badge which they MUST wear every day. 9th grade students who attend Tiger Academy will have their photos made for their badges at that time.
  • All students will continue to go through the Metal Detectors every morning before entering the building. We have five entrances students may use. They will remove their chrome book, notebooks with metal rings, umbrellas and stainless drink cups. We were able to expedite this process last year and get students to class on time. It was a challenge at first! 
  • All LRSD schools participate in required monthly safety drills.
  • If and when we ever have an instance of any unusual occurrence, you will always be notified in a timely fashion usually by me! Again, Parent Link is an essential communication outlet that we use to share important information.

Construction Information/Issues:

  • We are very excited about our construction upgrades that we are receiving due to our millage extension: new Science Building in the back of the school and a Sports Complex at Quigley Stadium. When completed, LRCH will no longer have any portables!! Our cafeteria is getting a very special facelift also - thanks to the LRSD. 
  • To accommodate the construction of the new Science Building, new portables have been placed in what was the junior lot in Daisy Bates. A fence has been built around them for safety. Security, cameras, restrooms etc., will be in place at that location. At the last of the year, a parking lot was built to accommodate the juniors’ cars. They will park in the back of the lot and the teachers/staff will park in the front of the lot due to the absence of parking in the back of the building which is a construction site. Very exciting for sure! 
  • Due to the construction, football, baseball and soccer games will be impacted and moved to other locations. These locations will be shared shortly.

Monday, August 14th, 2023, is the first day of school. The bell to enter school will ring at 8:40 each day with while the LATE BELL will ring each day at 8:50 AM. School will be dismissed at 4:00 pm. I am looking forward to seeing you at registration on August 3rd and August 4th. Please feel free to come by or contact me with any questions and/or concerns. My email address/phone # is - (501) 447-1402.