LRCH Debate and Forensics Team

Originally Published October 2022

Please join the District in congratulating the following FIRST PLACE WINNERS from the weekend:

Impromptu - Joie Willoughby Duet Improv - Joie Willoughby & Isabelle Elkins Novice Congressional Debate - John (Blake) Davenport Varsity Congressional Debate - Beckett McCaslin Thompson Novice IPDA - Olivia Crowley Thompson Novice IPDA Top Speaker - Olivia Crowley Woods Novice IPDA - Allie Mareen Woods Novice IPDA Top Speaker - Allie Mareen Varsity Lincoln Douglas - Michelle Gong 

Our competitors distinguished themselves across numerous events. A complete list of results is below.

Andie Bailey - 6th Place Impromptu
Kaedan Hendrix - 6th Place Varsity Congressional Debate
Luke Beck - 4th Place Extemporaneous Speaking
Kendall Cloar - 4th Place Varsity Congressional Debate
Ethan Davenport - 3rd Place Novice Congressional Debate
Kevin Durden - 3rd Place Informative Speaking
Isabelle Elkins - 6th Place Humorous Interpretation
Cameron Green/Kaedan Hendrix - 4th Place Duet Improv
Ryan Sibert - 5th Place Ham IPDA Debate
Ryan Sibert - 5th Place Ham IPDA Debate Speaker
Joie Willoughby/Brooklyn Simpson - 2nd Place Mime
Charles Swan - 3rd Place Varsity Lincoln Douglas
Joie Willoughby - 4th Place Dramatic Song Lyric
Maddox Hughes - 5th Place Novice Congress
Amy Okanume - Semifinals Storytelling
Matthew Hunter/Kai Fisher - Semifinals Duet Improv
Ethan Davenport/Blake Davenport - Semifinals Duet Improv
Matthew Hunter - Semifinals Impromptu
Joie Willoughby - Semifinals Poetry