Each student has his/her own individual on-line account with Naviance. It has a lot of great information and resources including what is below:

  • Test Data - Go to “about me,” ‘home,” “test scores,” for PSAT, SAT (since 6/2017) and AP scores. ACT scores will be added in the spring OF 2019.

  • GPA / Rank – Go to “about me,” “my account”

  • College Search – go to “colleges,” “home,” on the left hand side will be “Supermatch.” This is the best search there is. You’ll be able to type in your G.P.A. and test scores as part of your search to find a good match.

  • Career Interest Inventories – go “careers,” “home,” use either or both “Do What You Are,” Career Interest Profiler.”

  • Email – We can email you about important college/scholarship information. Go to “about me,” “my account,” then change your email there to one you look at on a regular basis.


To access the Naviance Program complete the following steps:


  1. Go to

  2. Username is firstname.lastname### (### = 1st 3 numbers of student ID)

  3. Password is ID number

  4. Click on Naviance icon in your ClassLink account

  5. You will be prompted to install a browser plugin. Once it is installed, go back to the apps page and relaunch the Naviance App.

  6. Enter your Clever login information. The Username and password is your student ID.

Beginning June 1 – This date is the planned one, possible it could vary

  1. Go to

  2. Username is Student ID number

  3. Password is birthdate and the first initial of first name capitalized with birthdate in this order: YYYYMMDD.

    • Example John Smith, BD 5/13/2002, would be 20020513J

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