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Each student has his/her own individual on-line account with Naviance. It has a lot of great information and resources including what is below:


  • College Transcripts – When a senior see the link on the Guidance page on how to order a transcript for a college application.

  • Test Data - Go to “about me,” ‘home,” “test scores,” for PSAT, SAT, AP and SAT

  • GPA / Rank – Go to “about me,” “my account”

  • College Search – go to “colleges,” “home,” on the left hand side will be “Supermatch.” This is the best search there is. You’ll be able to type in your G.P.A. and test scores as part of your search to find a good match.

  • Career Interest Inventories – go “careers,” “home,” use either or both “Do What You Are,” Career Interest Profiler.”

  • Email – We can email you about important college/scholarship information. Go to “about me,” “my account,” then change your email there to one you look at on a regular basis.


To access the Naviance Program complete the following steps:


  • Go to your account (same place you go for Schoology) and click the Naviance icon.

  • If this is your first time there, you may be prompted to install a browser plugin. Once the plugin has been installed go back to and relaunch the Naviance app by clicking on Naviance.

  • Your username and password are your ID number.

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