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Open House will be available virtually beginning at 6:30 PM tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14th, 2021.

•  If you have already established a “Schoology account,” you will use the same

•  If not, Ms. Bankston has emailed out your Schoology Parent Access Codes.

•   ( will allow you  to connect to your child’s
    classes via classlink for Open House.  Get with your child who will direct you to
    his/her classlink login. This is just another way to connect to your child’s

•   Each teacher will have created a folder in Schoology entitled “Open House.”

•   Each teacher will have recorded a video or voice message for each course on
     your child’s schedule.

•  The message from each teacher should include information about the course’s
    curriculum, the teacher’s contact information, the teacher’s expectations and
    the teacher’s suggestions that include what your child needs to do to be
    successful in each class. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions after Open House. or at (501) 447-1402 any time with any questions or concerns. NR


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