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2022 Fall Exam Schedule

LRCH faculty and administration want all of you to be successful and prepared for semester exams. Semester exams count 1/5 of your final semester grade. And remember, only your semester grade is recorded on your official transcript. This is how your semester grade is computed in all classes:

First Nine Weeks Grade -                        92 x 2 =      184

Second Nine Weeks Grade -                   86 x 2 =      172

Semester Exam Grade -                           94     =        94

                                                      Total                       450

450 divided by 5 = 90%/A - Second Semester Grade on Transcript.


Preparation for Final Exams: All your teachers will distribute semester exam review sheets which you will go over in class. All reviews will be the same for all the students in all the same subjects: English 9/English PAP, for example, will each have a review sheet.

It is important that you study hard and be prepared for all your classes. Semester exams are preparation for the rest of your high school years and for college.

IMPORTANT Exam Reminders
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