2021 Spring Exam Information and Schedule

Dear Students and Parents:

Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding the COVID epidemic, your teachers have determined that scheduling 2 hour exams is not necessarily the best plan at this time. However, there are some situations where the exam is still the best choice.

The LRSD requires a semester exam grade. Teachers have the option in determining how a semester exam grade will be determined. In some cases, your semester exam grade will be the average of the first and second nine weeks’ grades, a project, an essay, etc.

The semester exam percentage is worth 1/5 of your semester grade. Please remember that the only grade visible on your permanent transcript is the semester grade. See below example of how a semester grade is determined –

First nine weeks’ grade          92 x 2 = 184

Second nine weeks’ grade    80 x 2 = 160

Semester exam grade            94      =   94

                                               Total   = 438

438 divided by 5 = 88%/B– First semester grade on your transcript 


Example # 2:

Assuming that in some cases you did not have a semester exam, project, essay etc., your teacher will be averaging the first and second nine weeks’ grades for your semester EXAM grade.

To calculate your semester exam grade using the same numbers as above is as follows:

First nine weeks’ grade + the second nine weeks’ grade = semester exam grade

92 + 80 = 172 divided by 2 = 86% (semester exam grade)

Follow the same process as above to find your semester grade:

184 + 160 + 86 = 430 divided by 5 = 86% - First semester grade on your transcript


We hope that this explanation helps students and parents to understand how semester exam grades are determined. Your assigned teachers will share their plans and expectations for semester exams with you. Good luck! Study hard and remember to always do your very best. 


Nancy Rousseau