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If a student is tardy to school because of a doctor, dental, or court appointment, the student MUST report to the attendance office and present the proper documentation.

If a student is tardy because of any other reason, he/she will report directly to the classroom. When a student is to be checked out early or absent from school, the parent must call the Attendance Office at 447-1411 before 12:00 noon and provide the following:


1. Student name and identification number. (ID# is a must)

2. Grade

3. Reason for absence or check out time

If the student knows about the checkout, the student must come by the Attendance Office to sign out and to have his/her agenda book signed.


Failure to notify the school Attendance Office of the absence on the date of the absence will result in the absence being recorded as unexcused. However, under extenuating circumstances, an Assistant Principal may extend the verification period if informed following the absence promptly.

For further questions call the Attendance Office at 447-1411

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