PAP Science Students must select their topic for independent study. Five Sources for background information will be required. For more information READ THIS LETTER-PDF!!!!!!!
ALL PAP Science Students: Become familiar with this site:

Central Arkansas Library System
Click Here

AP US History
Read a book on a topic in US History that interests you.
This assignment is optional, but strongly recommended!

AP European History
The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

AP World History
No summer reading. However, students should purchase
The Silk Roads
By: Peter Frankopan
ISBN: 978-1101946329

AP Government
Mary M. Fleming- Course Instructor
Click Here for Summer Reading Assignments

Ryan Parson, AP Microeconomics/AP Macroeconomics
Click Here

Introduction to Western Philosophy
Summer Reading Assignment - Read your eyeballs out!
Summer Writing Assignment - Please respond to the following prompt in 250 words:
What does a philosophy class look like? (Describe a typical day in such a class.)
Your response should adhere to MLA conventions.

AP Seminar
Click on BOTH of These Links!!
AP Seminar Summer Reading

SOAPSTone Analysis

AP Music Theory
Students are strongly encouraged to complete all lessons and exercises at


Students going into level 2 need to study the Level 1 vocabulary.
Click here to get to the appropriate Quizlet folder: 
German vocabulary for students going into level 2
Students going into level 3 need to study level 1 and 2 vocabulary.
Click here to get to the appropriate Quizlet folder:
German vocabulary for students going into level 3

For students entering Latin III and IV:  Read The Gallic Wars by Julius Caesar, Books 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7, and all of The Aeneid by Vergil.  Texts of these can be found online and are also available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.

AP Spanish Literature
Please come by room 216 to pick up the Summer Reading Packet:
Lazarillo de Tormes by Anónimo and Don Quijote by Miguel de Cervantes

Students Entering Spanish II Click HERE for Vocabulary List
Students Entering Spanish III Click HERE for Vocabulary List

French II, III, & IV
Incoming French II should study the French I list - Click Here
Incoming French III should study the French II list - Click Here
Incoming French IV should study the French III list - Click Here
Also, check out as a study resource.
All three lists are posted to this account. There are one sided,
flip for answer and games to play with the vocabulary
for extra practice.

They may open their own account and then search for* :
*To find the appropriate list, you must type it the way it appears above

French V
Choose a novel (In French) that you have read in English and
order it ( to read during the summer.

AP Chinese - Click Here

All Pre-AP Science Students
Click Here!!

AP Biology Mrs. Parson
Click Here!

Biology (101) Ms. James
Reading over and learning the format for APA
Visit The Purdue Writing Lab- Click Here

ALL Pre-AP Chemistry Class Students
Click Here!

Snodgrass AP Environmental Science "APES"
The public library should have this or be able to get it for you. Read it now so that you won’t be overloaded with reading during the school term! NO, WE WON’T HAVE A TEST ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!  It is actually a topic for the end of the 1st semester, beginning of the second.  Make notes as you read so you can review over them when needed.  
Silent Spring ISBN: 978-0618249060 by Rachel Carson Non-Fiction REQUIRED

No Summer Assignment for BC AP Calculus

Read 180
Read any book of your choice and be prepared to write and talk about it in class.